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These lessons were developed by high school teachers and have been successfully implemented as the Chemistry curriculum at Normal Community High School in Normal Illinois. All worksheets have answer keys showing set up and solutions. The materials have been used with General Chemistry, Honors Chemistry and Advanced Placement Chemistry students.

*DO NOT make links directly to this site from your own website. Only teachers should have access to the answer keys. Feel free to download and use the worksheets as you wish in your own classroom. Please address questions and comments regarding these materials to Jeff Christopherson.

*We wanted to make the KEYS available to teachers and decided to leave them unprotected (no password required). It is important that teachers do not make links to this site where students could easily download the answers to homework sheets. The site is intended solely as a resource for TEACHERS (and not students).

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Full Year High School Chemistry Curriculum

(with PowerPoint, Worksheets, Lecture Outlines and Labs)


Introduction to Chemistry PowerPoint